About Straughn High School

Our History

In 1886 the community once known as Haygood, but now known as Straughn, had a post office but no school. Prominent leaders in the area saw the need for educating the community's youngsters and combined their resources and Straughn School came into existence in 1887. From 1887-1920 Straughn grew from a handful of children meeting in a church building for a few weeks a year to a four room school house and educated students up through the ninth grade. In 1921 the need for a high school was recognized and on September 29, 1922 the County Board of Education voted to "make Straughn a vocational school on condition that the community erect a state-aid building (according to plans approved by the state), equip same, and levy a district 3-mill tax for the purpose of lengthening the school term".

So Straughn High was established as a consolidated high school and its first Senior Class graduating in May of 1925. The main building at Straughn has been destroyed by fire four times in its history, the most recent being in 1956. Through these tragedies Straughn has always emerged stronger and more determined to rebuild and grow stronger. Although Straughn High School, Straughn Middle School, and Straughn Elementary School are all separate schools, a strong sense of cohesion still exists. Straughn has always been a "community school". One of the major strengths of Straughn High School is the fierce loyalty and sense of pride that the community has in her. There has never been a town or any significant businesses to speak of near the school, so the school has served as the hub of the community for over a century. Straughn High School has exceptional support from citizens in the areas around the school. Visitors are often amazed at the facilities that have been made possible by the efforts of our parents and supporters.

Straughn High School is a rural public school located in Covington County in South Alabama. Covington County is located in south central Alabama and borders on the south with Florida. Covington County has a population of approximately 38,000 and is predominately rural. The current High School building was constructed in 2006 and serves grades 9-12.  


Our Mission

The  mission of Straughn High School is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to become

respectful, responsible, and resourceful members of society.


Our Vision

Respectful, Responsible, and Resourceful.


Our Motto

To seek, To find, To share.